May, 2018 Annual Meeting

3 April 2018
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The Annual Meeting of the Ohio Lodge of Research will be held on Saturday, May 19, 2018. WB William Pursley has arranged for us to meet at St. John’s Episcopal Church, 134 North Broad Street, Lancaster, OH 43130 The Actives/Annual Meeting will begin at 1:00 PM. After the Actives have finished their meeting and acted upon any proposals, there will be an open meeting for presentation of any papers.

We have met at St. John’s previously. The design of the church is quite interesting as it was purposely designed with many Masonic symbols and references.

WB Don Crews, WM
WB Jeff Slattery, Treasurer

January 6, 2018 Meeting

29 November 2017
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The Ohio Lodge of Research will next meet on Saturday, January 6, 2018 in Cincinnati.

E. T. Carson Lodge No. 598 has generously offered to host the meeting at their home near the University of Cincinnati campus.

Members should meet at E. T. Carson lodge at 218 Ludlow Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45220 at 1:30 pm. We will then take as few vehicles as possible to the University of Cincinnati Archives. The head archivist has generously agreed to meet us and allow us to see some of the items in the John Day Caldwell collection. Caldwell served as the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Ohio from 1852 to 1887. He was at various times also Grand Secretary or Recorder of almost every other Ohio Grand body and several national ones. He was also a prominent Cincinnati citizen taking part in the civic activities of the community from the militia to the public library to the public hospital. The UC Archives holds items related to all of those aspects of his life.

We will return E. T. Carson Lodge after visiting the archives. We will hold a short actives meeting and then proceed to the regular meeting.

I will have a presentation on Caldwell and several other prominent Cincinnati Masons. It would be a great pleasure to the Lodge of Research to have several other papers shared with the members and our hosts. Items likely to lead to interesting discussion would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me with proposals. We are also especially interested in having members progress to the level of actives by presenting work.

Refreshments will follow.

I look forward to being together with you and sharing in our interest in the history, philosophy and esoterica of our gentle craft.

With kindest fraternal regards,
Donald I. Crews, PM
Worshipful Master
Ohio Lodge of Research


Special Meeting – October 20, 2017 – Dayton Masonic Temple

9 October 2017
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Worshipful Master Donald Crews has called a “Special Meeting” of all Officers and Active Members for the purpose of developing plans to upgrade the LOR communications, discuss a Electronic Recording program, plan future meetings and any ideals to improve the Lodge of Research for the future.
Meeting:   October 20, 2017
Location:  Dayton Masonic Temple Library
Time:        5:00 PM  (After the business of GL Closes)

This meeting is important for the future of LOR and continuation of the lodge as an ongoing functioning lodge for the purpose it was founded.  Your attendance is requested.
If not attending the Grand Lodge Banquet, we can dine after our meeting.

Notice of Annual Meeting – 05/20/2017

5 May 2017
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The Annual Meeting for the Ohio Lodge of Research will be held on Saturday, May 20th, at St. Johns Episcopal Church in Lancaster Ohio.  ( )
The Church address is
134 N Broad St, Lancaster, OH 43130.

The Active Members will assemble at 1PM for a festive board, followed by the Annual Meeting.
Please let us know if you will attend so that we can plan the food accordingly.

Items on the legislative call:
The 3 previous Notice of Motions
Election of Officers
Regular business
Committee reports
Installation of Officers

There will also be a presentation by Bro. Thurlow Weed on Masonic influence on St. Johns Church architecture and decoration.

January 28, 2017 Meeting

17 January 2017
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The January meeting of the Ohio Lodge of Research will most appropriately be held as a lodge for table instruction. The meeting will be held in the auditorium of the Rickley Building at the Ohio Masonic Home, Route 40, Springfield, OH on Saturday, January 28, 2017.

Active members will gather at 1:30 pm. Lodge will open at 3 pm – all Master Masons are welcome. At 5 pm, we will proceed to dine as a Table Lodge. The meal will cost $10 and you must RSVP by Jan 22

September 2016 Meeting – Baltimore

24 August 2016
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The Ohio Lodge of Research will meet September 17th, 2016, at Baltimore Lodge #475,1818 Basil Western Road, Baltimore, Ohio 43105. Actives will meet at 1PM for our business meeting, which will include planning for our display table at Grand Lodge. We will open a lodge of Master Masons at 3. The program will include a brief installation of officers, a presentation of “fraternal lithography” by WB Paschal King, and as always, interesting papers and stimulating discussion. We will eat at a local restaurant following the meeting. I hope to see you there. Remember that the 3 PM meeting is open to all Master Masons. Bring a friend!
Bill Pursley WM

From new WM Bill Pursley – 05-25-2016

25 May 2016
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Brothers Active and Associate, wheresoever disbursed…
Thank you for a great turnout in Bremen for our annual meeting,
and thanks to Bremen Lodge for opening and providing our meal.

Our officers for 2016-17 are:
WM Bill Pursley
SW Donald Crews
JW Pat King PM/OLR
Tr Jeff Slattery
Sec Randy Clark
SD Chad Simpson PM/OLR
JD Bob Stacoffe
SS Sherry Chandy
JS Chad Kopenski
Ch Ray Sharritts PM/OLR
T Clark Wyllie
Elected Trustee Bill Fannin PM/OLR

Mark your calendars now for our upcoming meetings:
17 September Ohio Village
28 January Ohio Masonic Home Springfield (probably a table lodge)
20 May St John’s Episcopal Church Lancaster (with a tour of the church,
which has extensive early Masonic links)
Actives meet at 1:30 and lodge opens at 3.
Bring your appetite and plan on dinner following each meeting!
And remember, we are always looking for papers on masonic topics
historical, philosophical, managerial, or esoteric. If it is of interest
to you, it is probably of interest to others as well.
See you in lodge!

Bill Pursley
Worshipful Master

September 17, 2016 Stated Meeting

24 May 2016
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The September 17, 2016 Stated Meeting of the Ohio Lodge of Research will be held at the recently updated Ohio Village Lodge located within Ohio Village at the Ohio Historical Society complex on 17th Street and Interstate 71, Columbus, Ohio. Actives will meet at 2:00 PM with the general meeting to be opened at 3:00 PM.

WM William Pursley

May 21, 2016 – Annual Meeting of OLR

11 April 2016
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Ohio Lodge of Research Annual Meeting Notice
Date: Saturday, May 21, 2016
Time: 1PM – Actives Meeting
3PM – Lodge meeting
Host: Bremen Lodge #608
Address: 115 1/2 South Main St
Bremen, OH 43107
Take OH 37 East from Lancaster. Turn right on OH 664 to Main St. (on right)
Mind the speed limit!!! (hint, hint)

Paschal A. King, OLR Secretary

Dues Increase Approved

25 January 2016
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The following legislation was adopted at the January 23rd meeting for immediate implementation:

Change Article VIII from (original)
B. Dues
1. Dues for Associate and Active Members shall be seven dollars and fifty cents ($7.50) per annum.
2. Dues for Subscribing Members shall be seven dollars and fifty cents ($7.50) per annum.
To read as follows:
B. Dues
1. Dues for Associate and Active Members shall be ten dollars ($10.00) per annum..
2. Dues for Subscribing Members shall be ten dollars ($10.00) per annum.

It has been many, many, many years since the OLR dues were raised. Adoption of the MORI program will increase our costs by $2 per member per year. Therefore, it was necessary to raise the dues to cover this cost.

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